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  • Color: Heather grey
Marie & Marie women's T-shirts are the must have in every locker room. Ultra feminine and ultra soft, the cut is perfect. Black, peach, mottled grey, navy, blush or white, long sleeves or short sleeves, round or V-neck, seamless or tunic, you have the embarrassment of choice. they are made of organic cotton or Lyocell, a natural vegetable material derived from wood pulp; and micro-encapsulated with Marie & Marie organic serum based on natural and essential oils from organic farming.
TSHIRT SS INES - Heather grey

Organic cotton + Serum des Audacieuses

53.00 €

39.00 €

TSHIRT SS LILY - Heather grey

Lyocell + Sérum des Bienveillantes

79.00 €

59.00 €

TSHIRT EMIE - Heather grey

Seamless lyocell + Sérum des Bienveillantes

95.00 €

71.00 €

TSHIRT LS ORANE - Heather grey

Organic cotton + Serum des Bienveillantes

75.00 €

56.00 €