Marie & Marie

This is the story of dream without concessions
A dream that becomes reality
The dream of a utopian designer on a rebound: Nathalie Vautier.

This is the story of a garment designed to care for the body it envelopes
Of a garment that adapts to the woman, and not the other way around
Of intelligent, certified organic clothing, based on sensory technology: the Carewear®

This is the story of a brand whose muses are women with an inspiring journey.
Of a brand with only one real model: us.
Of a brand that thinks entirety, solidarity and sharing: Marie & Marie

This is the story of a community of committed and caring women
Of a community that consolidate all those who together create Marie & Marie
Of the community that acts and supports projects of other committed women: The luminous

And finally, it's a story that starts now, with and thanks to you

The birth of Marie & Marie

On a professional rebound, Nathalie starts all over from scratch with her new dream: Marie & Marie

A dream without concessions, born from a return to basics.

After the age of 40, with two amazing girls and still in love, I don't want to sacrifice my personal comfort in the name of style. I want beautiful materials, femininity, intimacy, complicity, meaning, joy and feminine solidarity.

All my essentials to feel good and simply allow me to be me. I think I've found myself in my own truth. I want Marie & Marie to be a brand that sees beyond. I want its impact to be positive, from the little seed in the beginning to the commitment at the end.

Nathalie Lebas Vautier
Utopian+ Luminous + Slasher

Nathalie has received numerous awards to acknowledge her career and her commitments (Elan de la Mode 2007, Oscar DD 2008, Trophée de léécologie 2011, Tribune Womenés Award 2012)

They did not know it was impossible,
so they did it / Mark Twain

- Mark Twain -