Marie & Marie

Marie & Marie

In search of meaning, in search of oneself
Aligning to glow

Clothes that feel and do good
A second skin, mirror of the soul

In the heart of the fibers, an infusion
Of precious and caring oils

A timeless experience
Sensual, joyful and sensory

Acting together, writing tomorrow
Reaching out a hand, starting today

Wear + Amour + Care


Like a second caring skin whose intelligence is sensory. Care for the caring, Wear for the clothes (or: garment) . All made with Love.

Sensory clothing

Intelligent items, they are attentive to your well-being. Its micro-capsules of certified organic vegetable oils are integrated into its fibers. Nature is going high tech!

3 innovative and timeless clothing lines

Designed in a Slowear spirit, to accompany the unique woman you are for a long time ahead:

The pure beauty of a soft and seamless lingerie,
My everyday essentials, tender and delicate underwear
The movement, free and unconstrained

And over time, limited editions following our inspirations.

The luminous community

With an annual subscription, everyone joining the luminous community/ crowd, access special offers, and act together to choose and support the projects of other women.