A unique know how

We do less, we DO BETTER, we do what feels and is good. We PREFER STYLEover fashion, we are fans of COMFORT and looks that state FREEDOM. WE LOVE NATURAL MATERIALS, those that LAST LONG WITHOUT ANY CHILDREN'S LABOR involved. We dare to mix MATERIALS AND PLANTS and invent the intelligent garment that really acts. WE ARE WEARING OUR clothes bare feet & we do not like the constraints. We do not fit into any box. We LOVE TO TAKE OUR TIME and feel loved by our clothes. We just want to find MEANING and LEAVE A POSITIVE IMPACT on our journey here on earth. OUR BRAND IS FRENCH. WE THINK CAREWEAR, "Care" for the caring and "Wear" for the garment.

Exclusive cosmetic formulas that are activated upon contact with the skin

Our designer Nathalie Vautier imagined suggesting each of you to take care of yourselves, all day long, just by wearing a garment. And that's what it's about! The Marie & Marie garment is a second caring skin.

We have created cosmetic infusions from the most precious plants, certified by the label COSMOS BIO. They are bio-encapsulated, meaning they are fixed on the fiber of the fabric. For months, we worked with Ecocert to define and obtain this cosmeto-textile certification which is a pioneer in Europe!

For each of our collections: Beauty, Essential, Movement, you'll discover a specific Serum, a unique combination of vegetable and essential oils, exceptional ingredients and a high concentration of active ingredients that reinforces its efficiency.

Like a second, caring skin with sensory intelligence. Care for the care, Wear for the garment. All made with Love.

Its fibers are encapsulated with a unique cosmetic formulation which are activated upon contact with the skin. The cosmetic ingredients inside the capsule come from organic farming.