Become a M&M slasher

A unique ambassador

My goal in life is to EXPAND... from the experiences of others
I am a woman who has the AMBITION ... to give meaning to my actions
I want to ATTRACT MORE ... freedom
I have the INSIGHTS... to know what suits me
I want to BE IN CHARGE ... of my existence
I want a REWARD... because of my values at work
I want to FEEL MEENING AT WORK ... and dare to earn money
My goal is to RULE ... my life

Join the slasher's team

"The slasher is our ambassador. The one who organizes the ""Meetings of Marie & Marie"" and sells our products. She is free in her head and handles audacity with a cheerful impertinence. No matter what she does, she lives in the present. One day, she felt the urgency to become herself, and recognized herself in the Marie & Marie adventure."

She became the entrepreneur of her life. She became Slasher M&M.

Do you recognize yourself in this description?
So you're ready to join Marie & Marie and become a Slasher !

Marie & Marie's super powers

  • An innovative brand and a sensory line
  • A full digital solution to develop your business and optimize your time
  • A remuneration to the height of your implication and without limit
  • A continuous feeling of fulfillment and pleasure

Looking for freedom, to live every moment with passion and the desire to share strong values?

Experience the unique adventure of Marie & Marie

Ready to join the team of slashers?

Marie & Marie
Dive into the heart of an innovative brand, give meaning to your actions, share the values that unite us at the M&M meetings, infused with laughter, confidences, and treats between women.

The startup spirit of Marie & Marie offers a 100% digital management of your business to make your life easier and optimize your time, training and support that allows you to start quickly with peace of mind, a highly motivating remuneration correlated to your implication.

And a step by step personal support in this unique adventure!

Marie & Marie


Sophie Sales assistant

I had a real crush discovering Marie & Marie !
It motivated me to try out the experience and I am delighted, I organize M&M meetings as it suits me, I have fun and I'm happy with my great sales.

Manon Communication manager

I discovered a universe that makes me feel totally fulfilled!
Marie & Marie's universe and values really boost my motivation, I organize beautiful M&M meetings and I recruit future Slashers, it's a real pleasure to share an adventure of women that brings us together.


Why choose Marie & Marie?

Marie & Marie
Three innovative and timeless lines of clothing additioned by limited editions designed in a Carewear® spirit for infinite softness and confort at all times.

How to become a slasher?

Only your desire, your implication and your social skills are essential assets to succeed this adventure!
No diploma required, nor experience required in sales, we give you all the keys to succeed your next M&M meetings. To become a slasher firstly means to share the values of Marie & Marie and to be the guarantor. It's also about being motivated by selling the M&M lines.
To do this, simply fill out the form so that we can study your profile and contact you.

How much can I earn?

You will be ready to organize your first meeting in only a few days. And an experienced slasher is always available to answer all your questions!
You earn a commission on your sales and those of your slashers as well as recruitment bonuses. And the more you develop your activity, the more you earn (the boosting effect).
Isn't life beautiful?

Do I need an initial investment plan to launch my activity?

There is no entrance fee to pay for the starting with us
You must equip yourself with a starter kit that includes items from the M&M collection for you to present and try out by yourself. And depending on your turnover, you can earn back your initial investment and enjoy numerous benefits.
A tablet, smartphone or laptop will be needed to place orders during the Meetings.

What is the status of a slasher (home sale)?

You will benefit from a Marie & Marie home sales contract that will formalize our relationship as an Independent slasher with a direct sales representative status, no hierarchy or sales goals.
You alone will decide regarding the organization that suits you the best.

Will I receive training?

Yes, of course, training and integration are essential steps to give you every chance to succeed and flourish!
Before you start, you will learn everything about Marie&Marie, her style, her products, her production, her sensory technology, how to organize a meeting ... through fun e-learning trainings and meetings with the Marie & Marie team.

You will be ready to organize your first Meetings in a few days. And an experienced slide operator is never far away to answer all your questions.

Will you give me a client file?

The Marie & Marie team, the M&M website and all our communication campaigns will be true levers to help you get in touch with your next customers. Of course, your entourage (family, friends, colleagues, neighbors ...) is your best asset when you organize your first meetings. Being an independent slasher you must first rely on yourself to develop your clientele.

Yes, of course, training and integration are essential steps to give you every chance to succeed and flourish!

Won't the e-shop be of competition for me?

Marie & Marie products are exclusively sold at the meetings of our slashers and on our website. These two distribution channels are very complementary with the objective of serving our customers the best way possible.

The website is on the contrary an asset for our slashers because they benefit from the notoriety of the brand developed online. Requests via the website from our customers or hostesses to participate in a meeting near you are directly transmitted to you.

Also, you are paid on sales that your customers will potentially make via the website for 6 months after your last sale, great right?

How is the recruitment done?

Upon reception of your application, we quickly contact you to get to know more about your background, your motivations and also of course answer your questions.

Then, if our collaboration together is confirmed, you will learn about the contractual elements online and will access the M&M training. It's very simple and you can start within a few days only (if you're eager to get started)

If I want to quit my activity, what happens

You are free and independent, you can stop your activity without any difficulty. Everything is clearly stated in your Marie & Marie contract.

I join the team

and become a slasher
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